Cornerstone Homes LLC was founded by Gennadiy Sizonenko.
Gennadiy is a certified general contractor with over 18 years of home building experience. He lives in Edina with his wife and family.

Gennadiy has developed an impressive reputation for his ability to bring the wishes of his clients to a reality. He is known for his integrity, quality, and his personable style. He will be involved in each step of the project from start to finish. His creative skills and dedicated team will enable you to complete the custom home or remodeling project of your dreams.

Cornerstone Homes LLC may not be the biggest home builder in the area or the most expensive contractor, but we are simply the best. We are the most customer oriented general contractor you will find anywhere. We will consult with you, find your unique needs, and help find a solution to fit your desires and your budget.

When you hire Cornerstone Homes LLC, you are hiring peace of mind in regards to your home building project. We have plenty photos and references from past projects that are readily available at your request. Contracting is not an exact science, regardless of what anyone tells you. It is a fluid process, so you need a talented team to overcome issues that arise on the job and who can adapt to make your project work. We pride ourselves on our ability to do just that.

Client Testimonial

Cornerstone Homes was absolutely wonderful with my wife and I as we built our new home. Gennadiy helped us find the perfect architect for our new home and attended our home planning meetings. We purchased a tear down home, and our project required close work with the city. Gennadiy made it all go seamlessly for us, despite all of the special requests we made of him! His craftsmen were the simply the best. The finished home is everything we had hoped for!

Andrew and Staci W. Edina MN

For more information about our company, please contact us by phone at (612) 598-5255 or by Email.